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Hello and Welcome to our New Website!

Our summer has been incredibly busy here at ‘some things looming.’ We might be ‘closed to the public’ but I assure you we’re busily getting ready for our upcoming exhibition year.   We take the opportunity to work on behind the scenes administrative tasks, “summer clean” the building and do general maintenance.


Amongst the “fun” chores we cleaned out all the fodder from the office, and scrubbed down all the surfaces. Do you think four bags of trash and three boxes of shredding is a lot? It’s amazing how many things we have accumulated through the years we’ve been in business.


Floyd put the granddaughters to work weeding the courtyard and using his secret all-natural weed killer (If you’re nice to him, he might share his secret, “killer” recipe). After de-cluttering the storage areas, we piled up all of our good-usable items into the front gallery for Habitat for Humanity to pick-up. They loaded up a truckful and even had to return for a couple of items that wouldn’t fit!


So if you think we’re the same-old STL, you might be surprised when you stop in. Our look and feel is as different as our new website. Rebekah and I have been mapping out the expanded vision for our gallery and boutique and we’re really excited to be able to offer new and different opportunities to artists and to our audience.   Make sure you click through all of the links to check out what’s coming next!