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Food for Thought

Food For Thought

The phrase “food for thought” describes something that is stimulating and interesting to think about, perhaps even profound. The essential idea behind the phrase “food for thought” is figurative. It’s the idea that some problems or concepts might feed our minds much as food nourishes the body.
some things looming challenged artists to express: conceptually, figuratively, or literally this phrase ‘food for thought’ in a visual format, 2D or 3D. Fiber or fiber techniques must be incorporated into the piece.


Brown,Edie, CA; Dockery, Dianne, PA; Kessler, Vicki, ND; Kjonas, Dona, FL; Koster, Phyllis, PA; Malik, Saberah, RI; Marcus Claire, PA; Peake, Irene, NY, Smith, Marisa Renee, PA; Tanzos, Kimberly, PA


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Date 14 May 2016 Categories ALL Author somethingslooming