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About Us


some things looming is a Mother/Daughter operation owned and run by Rebekah Ritter and Melanie Ritter Mitchell.

Our Vision is to create a thriving, viable, community for fiber arts and artist in Berks County and beyond.

Our goals are to promote and provide:

  • to promote and provide:
    • to nurture craft
    • individual expression through creativy and technical mastery
    • the preservation of craft traditions and techniques
    • innovation that results from technical mastery
    • growth and knowledge
    • growth and knowledge
  • offer opportunities to:
    • create
    • collaborate
    • learn
    • explore
    • exhibit
    • sell

Our Name


Who We Are:


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II,ii,1-2)


‘some things looming’ began as a contemporary fiber art gallery. For the past several exhibition years, we have represented the multifaceted world that is considered fiber art. But as we often like to play with words, our name is no different. Some things are on the loom, some things are not and some things are on the horizon.


Fast forward to the present and we are modifying our current exhibition model to encompass all craft mediums with an emphasis on artisans with a unique and contemporary vision of their craft while emphasizing absolute quality.


ALL fine craft arts will be exhibited and present, not just all forms of fiber art but also glass, ceramics, wood, metal, mixed-media, paper, book arts, wearbles, etc.


Introducing the finest artisans, using quality materials, exhibiting the best in contemporary design. Our reputation for excellence is extremely important to some things looming. Therefore we will be hosting artists who demonstrate craftsmanship that is well conceived and expertly executed without technical faults.